WoW WotLK Classic Flame Leviathan Strat, Ulduar Boss NM/HM Guide

WoW WotLK Classic Flame Leviathan Strat, Ulduar Boss NM/HM Guide

Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King is coming soon, bringing a new raid to WoW's WotLK expansion: Ulduar. This raid is one of the best known and favorite raids for players.

The first boss of this raid is the Flame Leviathan, a gigantic tank waiting for you in front of the doors of the structure. To beat him, you will have to use vehicles and not the classic skills of your respective classes.

Strat to defeat Flame Leviathan in WoW WotLK Classic

The fight against Leviathan is not particularly complicated but requires a good knowledge of the different vehicles that must be used, which complicates the explanation of the confrontation.

All vehicles in the Flame Leviathan fight

You are going to have 3 different vehicles, 5 of each type. Two models have two seats, so you have exactly the place for 25 people in raid 25. In raid 10, the number of vehicles is different to adapt to the number of players.

Le first vehicle is theEngin de siège. The latter will generally serve as tanks during the confrontation. The machines have two places.

  • Driver. He has three skills: Aries, which allows you to inflict damage right in front of him; Electroshock to interrupt the boss; And Puff of steam to propel forward.
  • Shooter. He has three skills: Cannon firing to inflict moderate damage; anti-aircraft rocket which allows you to drop Pyrite containers from the sky, a very important resource in this fight; And generateur de shield if ever the Leviathan manages to be worn from the siege finally.

The second vehicle and the Demolitionist. They will serve as primary DPS. This vehicle has two seats.

  • Driver. He has 4 skills: catapulter a rocher which does moderate damage; Catapult a barrel of pyrite which does more damage and applies a debuff that must be maintained at 10 charges but which consumes pyrite; Aries who does melee damage; And Passenger Throw which allows to launch the second player on the Leviathan.
  • Shooter. He has 5 skills. Mortar, which inflicts interesting damage and ignites the tarmac of motorcycles and to be used only if there is nothing to do; anti-aircraft rocket which allows containers to fall from Pyrite from the sky ; Enter cash to collect Pyrite; Speed ​​increased  ; and Load the catapult which allows you to climb into the catapult before getting to throw.

The third vehicle is the Motorcycle. There is only one single passenger by motorcycle but someone can get in the sidecar to move around.

  • Driver. He has 4 skills: Cor Sonore, the DPS spell to do when nothing else is available; Tar which puts tar on the ground and which you must constantly put in front of the boss; Speed ​​gain that you use to move faster; And First aid kit to use when picking up a passenger.

How to start the fight against Flame Leviathan and how to activate hardmode

Once you know which vehicle you can take, you must start by talking to the Norgannon's Lore Keeper. Once that's done, the first part of the fight begins. During this phase, you must do three things.

  1. Kill incoming adds in waves.
  2. Drop as much Pyrite as possible from the sky to have a very large supply of pyrite before the start of the fight.
  3. Choose whether you want to try hard mode or not. In the boss room, before he arrives, you will find 4 pillars. Destroying all 4 activates the hard mode, giving additional loot but making the fight more complex. Each destroyed pillar adds 40% hit points to the boss and a skill.
    • Tower of life: If active, the boss gains the skill Freya's Keeper which decreases fire damage taken and summons additional adds.
    • Tower of Flames: If active, add theMimiron's Hell which increases Leviathan's fire damage and summons flame meteors.
    • Tower of Frost: If active, it adds the Hodir's Fury. This skill will summon an arrow that will follow players and then freeze them. They will have to be taken out of the ice with fire damage.
    • Tower of Storms: If active, it adds Hammer of Thorim, which increases physical damage dealt and adds lasers to the room.

The more pillars you have, the more rewards you have but the harder the fight.

Flame Leviathan Battle Strategy

Once you have chosen which vehicle to take, which tower to destroy and you have a small supply of Pyrite, you can start the fight.

At the level ofaggro, there is not much to do. THE Leviathan just go chase a wrecker or an siege engine during 30 seconds and switch targets every 30 seconds. You must absolutely flee as soon as you are targeted. To help you escape, motorcycles have to put tar in the room to slow down the boss and you must use your different speed skills.

Fullerenes wreckers are the main source of damage. They must maintain the 10 loads de Catapult a barrel of pyrite. It is therefore very important that the Shooters drop some sky pyrite and they get them back with the spell Enter the checkout.

Siege Engines have a job really important : keep 40 energy to be able to use Electrochoc as soon as the Leviathan uses Flame discharges.

As the fight progresses, the boss will move faster and faster thanks to the buff speed pick up. If the fight is too long, you will no longer be able to flee the boss. To prevent this, you must send four players on the back of Leviathan with the skill of Throw a Passenger wreckers. First throw casters that can heal themselves. Once on the Leviathan's back, you must destroy 4 turrets to disable it, which increases the damage it takes and resets the buff speed pick up.

Do not forget to manage the skills of the towers that you have not destroyed as indicated above.

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