Strat Algalon WoW WotLK Classic, le guide du boss d'Ulduar

Strat Algalon WoW WotLK Classic, le guide du boss d'Ulduar

Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King is coming soon, bringing a new raid to WoW's WotLK expansion: Ulduar. This raid is one of the best known and favorite raids for players.

The fourteenth boss of this raid is Algalon, the Observer. It is a constellar whose mission is to monitor Azeroth. He's been back on the face of the earth since Loken's death. He's going to try to start the Purge of Azeroth and you have to stop him.

Strat to defeat Algalon in Ulduar on WoW WotLK Classic

This fight has no hardmode. To access it, you must already defeat the guardians in harmode, therefore, clash is balanced as a hardmode by default. Algalon has two phases, with the first being by far the longest and most complex.

Phase 1 of the encounter against Algalon in Ulduar

The tanks will take a lot of damage during this confrontation. THE healers must be careful with tanks because Algalon's damage can be surprising.

The main tank will suffer the debuff Phase Punch. No one should be close to the tank otherwise they will take additional damage. After 5 Phase punches, the tank is sent to another dimension. Algalon then hits the second person on the aggro list. THE second tank absolutely must take back the boss and healers must be ready to switch targets.

Some players will be targeted by cosmic shock. A red zone will appear at their location. The raid must move away from this area to reduce the damage inflicted by the spell as much as possible while managing the other mechanics and hitting the boss.

Algalon will invoke throughout the fight star collapses. These adds lose hit points on their own but explode when they die. It is therefore necessary to desynchronize the moment of their death. Assign two DPS to the task of killing the Collapses. They just need to hit a single-target Collapse. THE healers must pay attention to the same of the death of star collapses.

At the time of their death, the Collapses leave a Black hole at their location. This Black hole allows you to manage other mechanics, you must absolutely avoid entering it except at specific times.

There are two mechanics left in phase 1. The first is living constellation. These adds must be picked up by a tank. THE constellations die instantly if they hit a Tour noir. So you want to recover the aggro on the constellations then place between you and the path of the Black Hole constellations. You can also help yourself with a Death Knight who can use his Grip of Death to attract constellations into black holes.

Finally, Algalon will use Big Bang approximately every 1 minute 30 seconds. This spell do all the players who are not in a Black Hole. Everyone must therefore enter a Black Tower. But if there are no players left outside the Black Holes Algalon one shot le raid. So you want to leave a player outside the Black Holes, take damage from the Big Bang. This player can be tank with lots of defensive and external healer CDs, a Shadow Priest under Dispersion. Any class that can greatly reduce damage taken. 

In the Black Hole, you take damage constantly and you have to run away from the adds that you will find in this world.

The mechanics are linked up to 20% and at this level, phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 of the encounter against Algalon in Ulduar

Try as much as possible to go into phase 2 right after a Big Bang.

In this phase, not much changes. You are going to have just 4 Black Holes who will stay at the cardinal points of the room. These will invoke Dark Matter endlessly. A tank just has to collect them, don't try to kill them, just finish the boss as fast as possible, before a Big Bang if possible.

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